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Alvin is an experienced mobile DJ, musician and producer. He performs in numerous private events, special occassions, and house parties. He has a good ear in music and loves different music genres such as HipHop, R&B, Rock, Trance, Dance, Raggae, Soca, Latin and more.  Alvin has an extensive background in Fine Arts and Graphics Design. 

Disc Jockey

We provide DJ services in weddings, birthdays, graduation, sweet 16, baby and bridal shower, corporate/private events and more.  Children's party is also available; and this type of event is packaged with balloon puppet making, face painting, magic, games, clown show, and DJ playing music the whole entire time. With a state of the art equipments, instruments, professional DJ lightings and stand  set up to  provide a professional booth, we guarantee a good time, dancing to the wee hours of the night and ourstanding customer service. 

MC - Zoiea Ohizep (Zo)

Master of Ceremonies & Percussionist

Zoiea Ohizep (Zo)
Lead and Background Vocalist
Drums, Keyboards, Music and Vocal Arrangements

At age 26, Zoiea was a veteran background vocalist.  He recorded with artist Melba Moore, Freddie Jackson, Phyllis Hyman, Vanesse Thomas, Bo Williams, James Crab Robinson and Sara Dash.

Zoiea toured the West coast in 1987 as a drummer with a group named “Touch”.
During the summer of “88” he performed as a lead vocalist for a duo named “The Mood”, whose bookings covered several clubs on the East Coast: New York City’s Dolls, Lolas, Sweet Waters, Atlanta’sTop Forty live Sensations and Uptown Atlanta.  

Zoiea sang back up to KC and JoJo on the Chris Rock show in 2000. He also sang back up for Atlantic Star in Fresno and San Diego in 2011.

Among Zoiea’s writings, are lyrics he wrote for artist Freddie Jackson titled “Natural Thing”, Glen Jones titled “All Over You”, Bob Baldwin titled “Sunrise” and most recently he has written four songs for Melba Moore titled “It’s My Time Again”, “The Way of Love”, “Things Always Work Out” and “Free”.  

In addition to writing music and lyrics, Zoiea has written and published two children’s book “Rainbows Ring” and “Elle and Alli”..  

Zoiea is inspired by Luther Vandross and Aretha Franklin.  As an artist, he is motivated through a desire to transform and express his personal masterpieces through a creation of good music and soothing lyrics.

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